About Us

Geneva Enterprises was founded upon a desire to serve the patient, providing the highest quality body positioning foam and gel products in the surgical market.

A Brief History
As Geneva Healthcare, our organization started with an offering of competitively priced foam positioners, expanding the scope of our offering, adding gel positioners, and acquiring the well-known line of POSI-BLOCK® and POSI-COMFORT® positioning products. As business grew, so did our manufacturing capabilities and requests for new and unique offerings. As we saw the potential outside of the healthcare industry, we have rebranded ourselves as Geneva Enterprises.

As Geneva Enterprises, we are serving a wide range of industries where foam fabrication is utilized, including medical, outdoors and sports, marine and automotive, packaging and shipping… and the list keeps growing. In addition to foam, we have also begun laser engraving at our facility, all the while keeping our business family owned and our products proudly made in the USA.

Customer Commitment
Geneva Enterprises is motivated by a desire to build enduring relationships with our customers and end-users through our superior product quality, customer focus and delivery of overall value. We are confident our comprehensive product offering will assist our customers in securing the right product to meet their needs.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative
Geneva Enterprises is working closely with our manufacturers and our customers to continue to seek environmentally friendly solutions for our products and business practices. All of our foam positioners are produced with a soy-based additive, reducing the amount of petroleum products needed in manufacturing. For more information on Geneva Enterprises’ eco-friendly foam, please contact Customer Service or your Sales Representative.

Supply Chain Management Expertise
A centralized domestic warehouse and inventory management system helps ensure complete orders and on-time delivery.

Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring and maintaining quality products and quality controls is of utmost importance. Our in-house Quality Control Department maintains FDA required status. Lot Dating, Bar Coding, Document Imaging, and Traceability are all used to satisfy our stringent control standards.

Private Label Branding
Many of our products are available for private label branding directly on the foam or on the packaging label. Contact Customer Service or your Sales Representative for more information on this program.

Customer Service
Friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service personnel are available to answer your questions and process your order Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm CST at 1-262-767-9870.