Specialty Markets

Geneva Enterprises supports a wide variety of specialty markets. For more information on how Geneva can partner with your business to provide quality, custom foam, contact your sales person or our Customer Service team at 262-767-9870.

Packing and Shipping Protection

    • From custom cut inserts in a variety of foam options, to engraving directly into the foam and box to showcase YOUR brand to your customers, whatever your industry / product / service is.
    • Engraving is an effective way to remind your customer of your brand for years to come. Let us know how we can help you make the most of your brand identity and help meet your unique business needs.

Veterinarian & Pet Care

  • Durable, Geneva foam is perfect for use in the pet care and veterinary markets. Our ability to cut and customize means the possibilities are endless.
  • All Geneva foam is CertiPUR-Use Certified, meaning they are manufactured without ozone depleters, PDBW flame retardants, mercury, lead and other substances/chemicals that can be harmful to your pets

Recreation and Travel

  • Geneva foam mattress pads are available in Convoluted Egg Crate, Gel Memory Foam and Traditional Memory Foam. Our state-of-the art facility can cut foam to any desired size, ideal for accommodating the atypical mattress sizing in the RV, Camping and Outdoors industry. Various foam grades and densities allow you to select your offering to what best serves your customers.
  • Travel pillows, bed wedges, neck pillows and ring cushions can be essential in promoting comfortable travel and camping. Geneva offers a large selection of pillows, cushions and wedges both covered and uncovered for the adventurous traveler.