Wanted to take a moment to write an excellent review on this product. I have been looking for over a year and a half for a mattress topper that would soften one of our new mattress and would extend the life of our older mattress. I am having trouble finding a sufficient bed to buy that is made of good quality materials that will last longer than five years. This topper will allow me more time to research a new mattress and box spring. Meanwhile we will have these toppers on two of our king beds. I am extremely pleased with the one we are sleeping on and have just ordered the second topper. It fits all the categories we were looking for in a bed topper. We tried My Pillow mattress topper and took it back the next day. Didn’t want memory foam and all the dense mattress toppers. Wanted something that would breath, that wouldn’t retain heat and made us look forward to sleeping at night in our comfortable bed. One piece of advice the company will not let you return the product so make sure you are looking for just a foam topper – not one that has all the added chemicals that make the toppers much firmer and denser. I was thrilled to hear of their stance on hygiene for when we brought the My Pillow product I wrapped it in a separate mattress pad and washed the pad after we returned the topper. Excellent product!!
Virginia N.

I recently purchased a 3 inch 1.35 inch density convoluted egg crate mattress cover from Geneva.  It has been nothing short of a marvelous experience. I had questions about the product, basically, which of the different egg crates and different densities to purchase. The owner herself fielded my questions and clarified perfectly which one to purchase.  She was extremely helpful during all aspects of the call and very accommodating.  The egg crate arrived promptly and I had previously been emailed the tracking information. The owner had already  provided me with instructions on how to prepare the egg crate for use, which I followed. The egg crate has been a miracle.  I was going to invest in an entirely new box spring and mattress, but the egg crate obviated the need.  It is incredibly comfortable.  I have tried regular foam mattress covers but they are not nearly as comfortable as egg crates. I purchased Geneva’s since they specialize in the product in the medical market place, so I was assured of its quality.  I highly recommend this product for both the product quality itself and for the exemplary customer service from both the owner and other individuals there that assisted me.  Thank you Geneva Healthcare.

Amazon.com customer, May 2018

Product quality is excellent. The Management and Customer Service of this company are also top-notch. And their products are made right here in the USA, so you can feel good about buying from them and supporting American Workers and jobs!

Google.com review, January 2018

This is a great product, we especially like the 1.5 density. We have an air bed which is a few years old, the foam between the air chamber and pillow top was worn. We replaced it with the 1.5 density egg crate and it is better than new.

Amazon.com customer
February 2017

Being a Veteran and sleeping across the World there is nothing like good sleep – day or night. This foam mattress is well worth it – priceless!!

Amazon.com customer, April 2017

Thank You for the topper, it is great. The first day we put this on the bed, my wife had to try it to see if it would help with her pain. She slept for over three hours and she came out of the bedroom and said to me “I am going back to bed and sleep three or four days, the topper released my pain and I feel like a new person.” She was smiling, I have not seen her smile after waking up in so long I can not remember when the last time was she did smile when she got out of bed. The topper is great and we love it like we said in the review. I was limited on the amount of space to leave in the review or we would have written more. Thank You so much and tell everybody in your company they are doing a great job and are changing peoples lives, for the better. I am so glad I found your site on Amazon.

Amazon.com customer, August 2016

We started buying from Geneva Healthcare in 2015 based on a referral. They have not disappointed. Their products are of exceptional quality, and their foam is cut to a greater precision than what we were previously buying. Geneva was able to find a freight carrier that was less expensive than the company we were using, and their deliveries are always on time. Customer service is always top notch. We always get an immediate response, and it is a pleasure doing business with Geneva Healthcare.

Jack McDonald
JDM Medical

I have been working with Geneva Healthcare and the team of people there for over a year now. Every single encounter with them has been professional and pleasant. They continuously strive to make their customers happy. The foam positioning product they make for me is the highest quality. Orders placed are received almost immediately. All emails are answered within 24 hours. Geneva is an honest company dedicated to their patient’s comfort. I couldn’t be happier.

Kristin Bauman
creator of the award winning VisiWrap Face Protection