3 Piece Table Pad Set (Amsco), Includes 1001T, 1002T & 1009T

Material: VEPU Gel
Eco-Friendly: No
Shipping Case Weight:
Latex Free: Yes
Product Dimensions:

9 x 20 x .5

39.5 x 20 x .5

20 x 20 x .5

Shipping Case Dimensions:
Case Quantity: 1


SKU: 70-1000T

Features and Benefits

  • Set includes 1001T, 1002T and 1009T table pads
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial silicone-free polymer gel
  • Designed to simulate human-skin
  • Made for direct gel-to-skin contact
  • Can be heated in microwave, blanket warmer or warm water bath
  • Can be cooled in refrigerator, freezer or cool water bath
  • Easily cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectant (alcohol-free)
  • Will not leak if punctured
  • Reduces shear and aides in pressure redistribution; won’t bottom out
  • 2-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty