Convoluted Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pads, Traditional Fit

SKU: CM-Traditional Fit

Features and Benefits

  • Provides protection and comfort while offering equal pressure distribution
  • Convoluted design peaks help increase comfort while offering additional support
  • Thermo-sensitive properties respond to body shape and natural body temperature, yet returns to form between use
  • Breathable open-cell foam promotes a cool sensation while enhances blood circulation and dissipates body heat
  • Proudly manufactured in-house at our Wisconsin facility with our NEW, 86” convoluting machine
  • 86” machine means we can offer LARGER pieces than our competitors
  • High-quality medical-grade urethane meets or exceeds all EPA requirements and meets CertiPur-US voluntary standards
  • CertiPUR-US® approved foams are: Low-Emission (VOC’s) for indoor air quality; made without — ozone depleters, PBDE’s, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates
  • Rolled and compressed for shipping; saves space and freight costs