Leg Elevator

Material: PU Foam
Color: Light Tan
Eco-Friendly: Yes
Shipping Case Weight: 4
Latex Free: Yes
Product Dimensions: 21″ X 11″ X 8″
Shipping Case Dimensions: 23″ X 17″ X 11″
Case Quantity: 2


SKU: 504

Features and Benefits

  • Assists in stabilizing the patient’s knee and lower leg while promoting better circulation
  • Foam strap holds foot in neutral position for proper positioning without heel pressure or leg stress
  • Angled for comfort, elevated support and prevents leg rotation
  • Carefully designed for optimum stability while in use
  • Medical-grade, open-cell polyurethane foam “breathes” next to patient’s skin providing a comfortable cooling sensation
  • Hypo-allergenic, radiolucent and flame retardant foam material (Calif. Bulletin #117)
  • POSI-BLOCK© and POSI-COMFORT© positioning products have been aiding caregivers and servicing patients for a number of years. Geneva Healthcare is the exclusive manufacturer of this well-recognized brand