Prone Positioning Pillows

SKU: 30-146-I--variable

Features and Benefits

  • Unique shape supports the head while maintaining straight alignment of the neck without pressure on the eyes, nose and ears
  • Side opening allows clear view of the patient’s face as well as easy access/adjustments to endotracheal or other tubes used during surgery and in the intensive care unit
  • Patented U-shape allows right or left side positioning of anesthesia machines and quick support of the head after intubation and turning
  • High-density soft foam maintains pillow shape during use and minimizes facial skin pressure.
  • Safely supports the head in lateral and supine positioning
  • Center foam cut-out included (useful during intubation to achieve “sniff” position and as an axillary roll)
  • Safer, cost-effective and simplicity of use compared to other prone positioning products
  • Compression wrapping saves on storage space until pillows are needed
  • Carefully designed for optimum stability while in use
  • Cut and developed to provide maximum exposure to operative sites
  • Utilizes environmentally-friendly Harvest® Foam — eco-friendly foam alternative resulting in a 61% reduction of non-renewable energy use
  • Manufactured with a renewable resource—soybean oil
  • Meets or exceeds all EPA requirements
  • Production requires 23% less in total energy demand and 36% less global warming emissions