SecureIt-T™ Non-slip Padding

Material: Foam
Color: Blue
Eco-Friendly: N/A
Shipping Case Weight: 1
Latex Free: Yes
Product Dimensions: 12″ x 144″
Shipping Case Dimensions: 5″ X 5″ X 13″
Case Quantity: 1


SKU: ST-12144B

Features and Benefits

Slip-resistant, cut-to-size
12” x 144” foam pad roll

  • SEATING AND POSITIONING AID – Can be used directly under patient between clothing and seat, or between cushion and surface, ie wheelchair cushion to help prevent slide when in a seated position.
  • SURFACE LINER – Cut to size ideal for use as an instrument tray liner.
  • SECUREIT-T™ FOAM – Better performance than commercial mats; won’t pick up hair or lint; can be hand washed; latex-free.